Hazel West Burley - Spiritualist Medium Counselor Consultation by Appointment
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Being a medium all her life, Hazel’s greatest joy is to prove the existence
of life after death by way of evidence given to clients by their loved ones in spirit.
She has always been especially interested in helping people with their
emotional/relationship difficulties.

In addition to mediumistic talents, Hazel helps others to help themselves
and realize their potential. Her background in psychology goes back
to the many years that she taught spiritual awareness at a private school
in Stockbridge MA. It was here that she helped students in their spiritual
and psychological recovery.

In her work in Cassadaga, she has been called to find lost persons
as well as preventing dangerous situations in people’s lives.

Clients are commonly asked to produce a sample of handwriting
or identify a selection of displayed colors that they feel most drawn to.
Hazel utilizes handwriting and colors as methods of attunement
in understanding her client’s spiritual identity and qualities.

Hazel has been written about in several books including
Sydney Omarr's Spirit Guides by Trish MacGregor
This way to Cassadaga by Janet Karcher

Hazel West Burley
P.O. Box 92
1270 Clark St. Cassadaga, FL 32706